Qlu serve as an E-commerce website for your business. Whereby your customers will be able to select your product, cart and checkout your products plus pay with their debit cards or a pay on delivery.

It’s more like having a free e-commerce website for your business.

It’s totally FREE to sign up as a seller on Qlu


YES, every store listed on Qlu has a unique page built specifically for that store. Meaning only your products will be displayed on that page and as such the link to that particular page can serve as your E-commerce website.

NO, you do not need to be a designer or developer to use Qlu. Click REGISTER to sign up, create your store and start selling. It’s totally FREE

Qlu can be used in both Nigeria and Ghana for now.

Depending on your preferences, you’ll receive an email from us immediately or a phone call or SMS notification every time you receive an order via Qlu

For every product sold on Qlu, Qlu gets 5% commission off it.

Qlu will reward merchants 30% of its total commission FEE gotten from that particular store by the end of every month. This way you sell to your customers and still earn extra money from Qlu for selling.

Another added advantage for the merchants is that if you tell your customers to buy from your qlu store, they get ‎₦500 off their first purchase. This cost will be paid by Qlu to its merchants.